EPCOT Crenshaw Corporation

EPCOT Crenshaw Corporation (ECC) is a technology, research, design, and development company delivering innovative solutions to address sustainability issues by advancing material science, renewable energy, waste management, and resource-efficient process technologies. ECC applies its proprietary know-how and engineered processes to the design, and development of technologies for advanced renewable energy production and recycling facilities.

Green Harvest One

Green Harvest One (GH1) focuses on solving complex waste and environmental problems by supplying low-cost, continuous renewable energy generated through Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems. GH1’s current focus is the rapid deployment of DER systems in the USA, which utilize organic waste streams from agriculture, food processing, wastewater treatment, and municipal facilities to produce potable water, organic fertilizer, gas, steam/hot-water and electricity.

Adaptive Intelligent Design

Adaptive Intelligent Design (AID) is a research & development company that collaborates with manufactures to enhance their products and technology. AID’s mission is to evolve the world beyond passive consumption into active regeneration by leveraging technology and artificial intelligent solutions.

AID employs engineers, professors and technology experts in the areas of research, algorithm development and various engineering disciplines. AID is spearheading The Trident Group’s expansion into the Middle East and Northern Africa markets.

Crosspoint International

Crosspoint International provides global manufacturing and component design services. With presences in both the USA and China, it is ideally positioned to deliver both quality and value. In addition to manufacturing and design, Crosspoint International is leading The Trident Group’s efforts to help solve China’s waste, water and energy challenges.

Trident Global Corp

Trident Global Corp is a USA based corporation that specializes in the development and fabrication of equipment related to the production of energy, food and water. Its areas of focus include, but are not limited to, gasification technology, water/solid separation, water filtration, hydroponics and gas to liquid conversion.